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Staying Connected Through Greeting Cards — Made By You, Fulfilled By Us

Send A Card!

The Positivity Project allows you to send customized handwritten cards from the comfort of your home that we print, write, and ship for you! 




Our business is available worldwide, 24/7


Send a fully customizable card in the same time it takes to send an email, shipped in a few days

Carbon Neutrality

We work to be carbon neutral in our operations, while aiming to use recyclable materials to minimize our waste and impact to the environment


Send a fully customizable card in less cost than doing it yourself start to finish

A Positive Impact

Our cards allow you to create a card that by design and content will be specifically catered to your recipient, hoping to create a more meaningful and positive impact

The Positivity Project was created to help make the world a more positive place, and help people create more meaningful connections in today’s fast-paced society

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Large Orders

Are you an organization or business looking to send cards to your employees or clients or someone looking to have cards for your event? The Positivity Project can help!