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Our Story

The Positivity Project was made to help people spread more positivity and stay connected through greeting cards. Our venture began as a simple site where we would cut card stock and write cards for people, but it sparked our passion to find better ways to allow people to offer seamlessness in staying connected!

Human connection is something that is necessary for people to thrive, and through digital inputs and our fast-paced society, it can be hard to maintain and support our relationships and connections. We believe in the power that a greeting card has, especially when it is written and designed specially for the recipient. Instead of having to worry about going to the store, putting the card together, and sending it off, we wanted to change this experience by allowing people to focus on the impact they want to make through their card, and less about the hurdles to make that happen. By offering seamlessness, we hope to enable people to stay connected, and help create a world where we can spread more positivity and happiness.

You might be wondering why this is called a project even though we are a business? A project is defined as an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Our particular aim has always been to help people stay connected and live a life filled with more meaning and positivity. No matter where our business goes, our name reminds us of the aim that we have, and to never lose sight of it.